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What to Look for in Kansas City Apartments

January 26th, 2016 11:29 pm

For anyone moving to the city it is important to know what to look for in Kansas City, Missouri apartments. If you are still undecided about moving to Kansas City, just know that the city, with a population of 482,299, is listed as one of the top cities for middle level professionals by employment spot. The place is home to many Fortune 500 companies such as International Assets Holding Corporation and Sprint Nextel Corporation, to international law firms such as Hardy & Bacon, and to such remarkable ventures such as Hallmark Cards and US’ largest dairy co-op the Dairy Farmers of America. It is an economically sound city with a mean annual income of $41,000, and an average apartment price of $138,000. A remarkable feature of the city is its fountains which number above 200. In fact the city’s official tagline is “City of Fountains.” The presence of numerous boulevards (only Paris has more) has given it the name “Paris of the Plains.”

Here are some of the things you should look for in Kansas City apartments for rent.

1. Low Crime Rate – It has one of the highest crime rates in the country. In fact it featured in the list of 25 most dangerous cities in US. Hence you would want to be safe here. This does not mean that there are no safe apartments in Kansas City. Of course there are and you would not find it difficult to find one. Areas such as Red Bridge have low crime rates.

2. Boulevards – Kansas City is a city of boulevards. So why not find a neighborhood which has boulevards and parks where you could enjoy walks or promenades? Many of the popular neighborhoods such as 49/63 have very clean and beautiful streets where you could go barefoot. Considering the number of boulevards here, finding apartments for rent located near parks and boulevards would not be a problem at all.

3. Historicity – Established in 1838 (with the name of Kansas Town) the city has quite a long history. Many of the neighborhoods are old yet beautiful. If history is your thing you could look for Kansas City apartments in Westheight, Columbus Park, or Hyde Park.

4. Affordability – The apartment rates in the city is quite affordable. Yet, you may want to look around to find the best Kansas City apartments. Areas such as Ivanhoe-Paseo are reasonable. You will find affordable homes in star areas such as Brookside and Briarcliff too. Or even downtown though the crime rates may be high there.

5. Amenities – You may want to make sure that your home is near shopping areas, restaurants, and other places where you want to frequent. Downtown (your Crown Center or Quality Hill) is the greatest in terms of its proximity to everything and also for its night life. But other suburban areas have local shops, restaurants, and night life too. You would find many suitable apartments in Kansas City.

Brookside and Briarcliff are the best rated neighborhoods in this City. But there are other top locations too and if you look around you will find decent, affordable, this City, Missouri apartments soon enough.

If you are looking for Kansas City apartments [], internet is the best place to look. For hassle free experience finding Kansas City Missouri apartment [], get a local realtor who is experienced. Good apartments in Jacksonville are available in plenty, but you have to rely on the best resource there is. There are quite a few Kansas City apartments for rent as well if you are not looking to buy one right now.

University of Kansas (KU) Basketball Recruits

January 26th, 2016 11:27 pm

The University of Kansas basketball program has an enviable track record of successfully recruiting the best high school players in the world to play in Lawrence, Kansas (population 90,000). This article will outline the five reasons why year after year the best prep players desperately yearn to someday put on a Jayhawk uniform and specifically why being located in a small Kansas community is an advantage over programs in larger markets.

1. NBA Success

For many blue chip basketball recruits the end goal is a large paycheck from an NBA franchise. Producing NBA talent is something that the University of Kansas does just about as well as any other program in America. In an age of international competition and greater exposure for late bloomers it is less common today than in years past for NBA rosters to be filled with players that all hailed from the same college. Despite the global nature of the League, Kansas still produces NBA all-stars like Paul Piece and numerous other alumni (including eight other currently active players) that are being paid very well to play the game of basketball. In addition to the nine current NBA players KU has produced nearly seventy former NBA players with the most high profile name on the list being that of Wilt Chamberlain – arguably the best player to ever play the game.

2. College Success

Whether a young man is a prospect planning on bolting for the NBA after one season or a top notch player expecting to stay for four years to receive a diploma having team success on the hardwood certainly makes the experience more enjoyable. Few colleges in the country can offer the winning tradition that KU can. With thirteen final four appearances and squads fielded every season which are disappointed if they do not make it that far KU is clearly a place that expects to win. The opportunity to compete for a conference championship and a national championship every year is very enticing to high school recruits.

3. Historical Significance

Playing for a historic program has a certain cache that both high school prospects and parents appreciate. While a lack of tradition is certainly not a deal breaker it only helps to be known as “one of the most storied programs in collegiate sports.” In fact ESPN actually ranked the University of Kansas as one of the top two most prestigious basketball programs in the country (the other being Duke), a statement that is difficult to argue with. When it comes to historical significance in basketball no other school can boast having had James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball, as its first head coach (1898).

4. Elite Coaching

In keeping with the mentioning of Dr. James Naismith the topic of coaching is critical for developing a young man’s game so that he reaches the pinnacle of his potential. The history of coaching at the University of Kansas begins with Coach Naismith taking over the team just six years after personally making up the rules of the game and continues through the decades with a succession of accomplished coaches. Dr. Forrest C. “Phog” Allen played for Naismith and was his eventual successor as the head coach at Kansas. In honor of the contributions Coach Allen made the current arena the basketball team plays in was named Allen Field House and a large permanent banner inside reads, “Pay heed all that enter: beware of the Phog!” In more recent history respected NBA coach Larry Brown won a national title at Kansas in the 1980s before Roy Williams took over and ran a program that won an impressive 80% of its games during his fifteen year career at KU. The charismatic Bill Self is the current coach of the Jayhawks and despite having only held his position since the 2003-2004 season, Self has already won a national championship with Kansas.

5. Unconditionally Supportive Community

Finally, the fifth reason that top recruits love to play basketball for the University of Kansas is because it is a basketball school that lives for its program and in turn respects and admires its players. In a town like Lawrence, Kansas there is nothing bigger than KU basketball. That is the way it has been for over a hundred years and the way it will be for the next hundred years. In the twenty-first century media age we live in today a player does not have to play in New York City to get national exposure. Lawrence Kansas offers all of the exposure without any of the distractions.


In closing, the University of Kansas (commonly referred to simply as KU) wins basketball recruits by offering (1) an increased likelihood of NBA success, (2) a winning college basketball experience, (3) an extraordinarily historic program, (4) world class coaching, and (5) an amazingly supportive community that lives for Jayhawk basketball every winter.


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